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Creating the Ideal Bathroom
Creating the ideal bathroom for your home takes planning, patience and partnering with the right professionals. The resulting room will be a synthesis of what you want, need and can afford. This is true whether you are doing a small bathroom remodel, a basement bathroom or a major master bathroom remodeling project. If planning your bathroom remodel seems overwhelming, take a look at the project in its smaller pieces.

You can enlist the help of a designer or architect in deciding on a layout for your bathroom. The configuration and placement of your tub, shower, toilet and vanity should factor in, not only the space available, but also the plumbing work that will be required. Should you decide to tackle the layout yourself, you can experiment with different options by using a CAD (computer-aided design ) program or spreadsheet package. Then be sure to run your plans by a plumber or a bathroom remodeling contractor for quotes and advice.

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Generally, the design used in a bathroom should blend or compliment the design of adjacent rooms. This creates harmony and balance. A master bathroom, for example, should reflect key design elements from a master bedroom. A skilled designer can help you discover a bathroom remodeling design that suits your style and works in your bathroom!


Modern, Country and Spa are just three of the many styles that could be used to define and guide your bathroom planning. Luxury or Spa style bathroom designs are becoming more and more popular in master bathrooms. Many cottage owners are embracing the charm of a country bathroom design. Small bathroom and powder rooms are often being design in a modern style. This uncluttered bathroom design works well when space is limited. For some, their basement bathroom incorporates a jacuzzi and a sauna. Others, who use their basement bathroom for a guest bathroom or a children's bathroom, choose a more casual design.

To get an idea of the style you like, look through magazines and collect a portfolio of clippings. Once you've narrowed down what you like, decide on a style and restrict your purchasing to materials and finishes that are true to that style. For instance, a pedestal sink and a soaker tub would more naturally suit country bathroom, whereas a built in jacuzzi tub and separate glass shower would better fit a modern bath.



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Travertine, marble, granite, stone and ceramic are all beautiful and durable tile and stone options that will make a big impact on your bathroom. If your flooring space is smaller, these more pricey flooring options may still be more affordable than you imagined. Add further luxury to your bathroom with in-floor radiant heat! Our bathroom remodeling contractors can assist you with all your flooring needs.

Other flooring possibilities include vinyl, hardwood and engineered wood. Engineered wood is a good wood flooring option for the bathroom as it resists moisture. Laminate and carpet, however, are not recommended for use in the bathroom.

For many the bathroom of their dreams centers around the choice of tub. Whether it is a vintage claw-foot soaker tub or a built in whirlpool bath designed for long soaks, people have in mind what they need to relax and unwind. Master bathrooms are becoming more of a personal spa than just a functioning lavatory.
Showers designed to take up as little space as possible are being used in small bathroom designs. Master bathrooms, on the other hand, are being bestowed with lavish walk in glass shower enclosures, complete with rain head shower heads, multiple body jets and steamers.
A Custom Vanity
Custom built in vanities can not only provide a stunning focal point, but these can also be designed with ample storage, twin sinks and enough counter space for two to get ready at the same time. Our custom bathroom remodeling contractors can install a bathroom vanity that is designed for your ideal bath.
Ultra low flush toilet are being chosen by energy-conscious consumers. These low flush toilets use less than a third of the water that older toilets flush away!
So, plan well, have fun selecting your tile, your bathroom fixtures and accessories, and enlist the services of a professional bathroom remodeling company. Here is where we can help! Our bathroom remodeling contractors are ready to work with you to create your ideal bathroom!  
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