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Dream Bathrooms
Evolved from the outhouse to the wash closet, the bathroom as a separate indoor room is a fairly recent phenomenon. It wasn't that long ago that only the very wealthy had plumbing available to them. People generally bathed infrequently in a tub filled with hot water boiled on the stove. Bathrooms with fixtures only became standard in houses after World War II.

With the changing attitudes toward personal hygiene, bathrooms moved from being strictly functional to being an important destination for comfort, privacy, relaxation and even luxury. There are a growing number of bathroom design ideas and numerous resources available for updating and remodeling, as well as for new construction.

1. Cabinet Steam Shower

In an enclosed shower-sized unit, cabinet steam showers offer the health and relaxation benefits of a steam room with typical features of a standard shower. Some additional features include foot massagers, chromatherapy or CD players. Once considered a luxury treatment in a spa or gym, steam showers are becoming more common in shower remodeling projects. Steam shower generators have made this conversion when shower remodeling accessible to anyone.

2. Large Soaker Tub

Japanese soaking tubs have influenced the trend towards relaxation baths that are growing in popularity among today's homeowners who seek this soothing feature in innovative bathroom design ideas. These tubs offer options like chromatherapy, ambient lights, effervescent bubbles or full-power massage jets. The harmony and contemplation enjoyed by other cultures from using soaking tubs are now available to those who want to add this to their bathroom remodel.

3. Relaxation Room

Why not add a private sanctuary for total relaxation when you plan your bathroom remodeling project? This is a space that can be tailored to meet your individual needs, whether it's equipped with an aromatherapy machine, massage chair, or a flat screen television. You can escape from the bustle of the rest of the house and enjoy the soothing sounds of a small fountain while you read a favorite book. This could also serve as a guest room if necessary.

A small bathroom remodeling project could mean just replacing an old shower with a steam shower cabinet. But completely remodeling a bathroom could be a worthwhile investment when considering the long-term benefits and added value to your home.
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