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Bathroom Remodeling...DIY or PRO?
Bathroom remodeling projects are a wise investment. They add value to your home whether you are adding on a new bathroom, or updated an existing bathroom. Along with kitchens, bathroom renovations have the highest return on investments projections. When you start researching the ideas and costs of a bathroom remodel they can quickly add up and over your proposed budget. You may think you can save money by doing some of most of the work yourself. Before you go down that treacherous road there are many aspects to consider. Regardless if you have some experience with small do-it-yourself projects around the house, bathrooms are another beast. They involve working with plumbing and electricity. Both of which are not only dangerous, but errors in either of these components can lead to problems and greater expenses down the road. Before attempting to tackle a bathroom remodeling project yourself, objectively consider the following questions.

Will it look professional?
Even though you may be able to handle all of the work involved, will the end result be a professional looking bathroom? Will tiles be laid square, will the toilet and cabinets be level? If a potential buyer walked into the bathroom would they be willing to pay the price for a job that may need touch up work?

Can you live with the results?
If you are a perfectionist it is probably a common trait of yours that your eye will always seek out a flaw. If you attempt a bathroom remodeling project yourself, you will know firsthand where each and every flaw is. Every time you enter the room you will find yourself staring at the defects and asking yourself how you can improve upon them. You may even spend many hours attempting to correct them to no avail.

Will you get the best prices?
Chances are you are not out buying items such as bathtubs, plumbing fixtures and tile on a regular basis. You many not even know where to go. You will trek around to various home improvement stores and tiles store and still pay retail price. A professional contractor already has established connections with suppliers and possibly even manufacturers directly. Since they frequently buy these items they can receive the best possible prices on them. Many times, contractors even discounts at big box home improvement stores that are not available to you. In this way, a contractor can actually save you money.

Can you place a price on your time and inconvenience?
Remodeling a bathroom is a pretty big job that involves many details and a lot of time if you are attempting to complete it yourself. What is the cost of your time? Are you best served by trying to carve out an hour here and an hour there to complete the job? You also need to weigh the cost of the inconvenience it will have on your household if you are without the use of that bathroom for any length of time. Is this the only bathroom in your house? Will the kids have to use your bathroom until the job is complete? When will the job be complete? These are all questions to ask when thinking about doing your own bathroom remodeling project.

Hire a professional contractor for your bathroom remodel
The work involved in remodeling a bathroom is quite extensive. Even experienced professionals with a crew of workers can take weeks. Imagine how long it would take you. If you are spending the money you want to be sure to realize gains on that money in the future. Having a professional remodel your bathroom will ensure high quality work that you and others will value. You will be able to recoup much of your investment when it is time to sell you home if the bathroom remodel is done professionally. You can also save on the front end as well. A professional contractor will save you money on supplies, secure the best prices from any subcontractors, and prevent future problems and costs by ensuring all work is done correctly. For additional savings, here are a few ideas:

Cost Cutting Ideas
Regardless if you are completely remodeling your bathroom, or performing a few renovations, there are a few ways in which you can save a buck or two. Buy your own fixtures—This refers to lighting fixtures, hardware fixtures and plumbing fixtures. Sometimes a contractor can waste valuable time looking for the fixtures you have chosen. His time is not free and will charge you a mark up fee. Also, many items look different in person than online or in a brochure. You may decide after seeing a fixture that it is not what you truly want. By having all the fixtures onsite and clearly marked as to what item goes in what location, you can save valuable time and prevent a fixture from having to removed and installed into the correct location.

Replace Fixtures You Removed Yourself Remember all those towel bars, hangers and hooks you removed upfront? Well, let your contractor know that he does not have to replace them at the end of the bathroom remodeling job. You can easily hang these yourself. If you are using the same location, the holes will still be there. If you are changing locations, just be sure to have a measuring tape and a level to ensure appropriate placement.

Painting/Wall covering—If you are going to repaint the entire bathroom and have some experience painting you can do this item yourself. Since a bathroom involves a lot of cutting in work for a professional painter, you can shave some money off your budget by eliminating that expense. Your contractor can also give you some helpful hints to achieve a good paint job. The same holds true if you are going to put up any wall coverings or stencil work. While it may take you some time, the bathroom can still be used while this work is going on.
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