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Basic Bathroom Upkeep
Proper maintenance is important to keeping a clean and healthy bathroom. Some preventative chores will also save you from costly repairs later down the road. While you probably perform regular cleaning of your bathroom, that may not be enough. Climate conditions, how often the bathroom is used, and what materials are installed in your bathroom have different needs. To avoid future water damage, mold, health issues and keep your bathroom looking its best, here are some helpful tips to be added to your normal cleaning routine.

Bathtub Maintenance and Shower Maintenance

Frequently check your tub and shower for any missing or worn caulk. For ceramic tile, inspect that the grout is consistent and not missing in places. Check all seams and around plumbing fixtures. You may not be as concerned if deficiencies occur in a part of the shower/tub that isn’t directly in the line of water. It is a good idea, however, to go ahead and repair any faulty caulk and grout as soon as possible to create a tight water seal.

Anywhere that the caulk and grout is comprised can allow water to seep in behind the fixture or tile. This water can accumulate and create a host of problems, such as mold, mildew, wood rot, and weakening of support structures. Oftentimes, you will not even be aware there is a problem behind the surface until the damage has reached a hazardous state. So, while re-caulking should be a common yearly practice for you, fix any problems you see immediately to prevent future damage.

Shower Doors and Shower Curtains

You may forget to clean shower doors and shower curtains on a daily or weekly basis. If you do, however, you may be breeding mold and mildew in your shower. Black mold spots and a whitish film mold are common on shower doors and curtains. Clean these immediately with an abrasive and disinfectant cleaner to promote good health. By cleaning shower tubs and doors regularly, you can prevent mold from accumulating.

Also inspect your shower door tracks for mold and mildew. Water can accumulate and become moldy. If there is standing water in your shower door track one solution is to drill small holes to allow water drainage back into the shower. Doors and tracks also have to be re-caulked more frequently because of their frequent use.

Toilet Maintenance

You probably clean your toilet frequently. This ensures the chore is never harder than it should be. It is also a good idea to check for any problems while you are cleaning. Make sure there is no water leaking from the base of the toilet. This could indicate the sealing ring is worn and needs to be replaced.

Check the toilet tank frequently to ensure the floating device is indeed floating and the water level is where is should be. Any discrepancies can indicate a bigger problem. If you notice anything wrong you should contact a plumber. A reputable plumber can notice problems before they become disasters and address them quickly.

Bathroom Sink Maintenance

It is a little known fact that bathroom sinks often have more bacteria and germs than kitchen sinks. Kitchen sinks have garbage disposals and households tend to disinfect these sinks more frequently. Bathroom sinks see a lot of use with many different ointments, toothpastes, lotions, and bodily fluids and hair. Hair can accumulate in drains and trap other substances and bacteria. Bacteria and germs can take root in a bathroom sink easier than you think.

It is a good idea to pull the drain stopper in your bathroom sink frequently to clean out the drain. Remove any hair and gunk that has accumulated. You can clean the stopper with a disinfectant or water and vinegar. You may even want to send it through a dishwashing cycle. Scrub you bathroom sink weekly or bi-weekly with a disinfectant to remove germs and bacteria. You can use bathroom wipes for quick, daily clean-ups between cleanings. This way, you will also make your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning much easier.

When cleaning, keep an eye out for any leaky faucets and compromised caulk seals. Even though bathroom sinks are used daily, it is not always easy to catch a leak while using the water. If you detect any leaks, however small, you should contact a plumber immediately.

Bathroom Floors.

Most bathrooms have bathmats strategically placed in front of the shower/tub, vanities, and toilet. They are often deep and plush to absorb water and hide dirt. That can be a problem as the water they absorb can create mold and the dirt they harbor can accumulate without you noticing. Therefore, it is important to wash your bathmats at least once a month regardless of how they look.

Even if you use bathmats, the bathroom flooring itself is still getting wet and handling foot traffic. Dirt, dust, and hair will accumulate and often stick to the wet surface. You need to clean your bathroom floors frequently to keep the surfaces from getting damaged and keep your bathroom clean.
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