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Is There Time to Remodel My Bathroom Before the Holidays? Top Quick Tips to Beat the Deadline

By Melanie Rivera

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially if you are expecting family or friends over to stay. Of course, you will want your home looking as spic and span as possible and for some the outdated and possibly even unappealing state of the bathroom that guests will use is a potential source of grief. Can you really pull off a bathroom remodel before the season is upon you?

The answer is yes. Although you almost certainly will not have time for a full, top to bottom bathroom renovation there are a number of quick and fairly inexpensive ways to transform your bathroom from grungy to gorgeous in near record time.

Give it a Fresh Coat of Paint.

Giving your bathroom something as simple as a nice new paint job can work wonders. Over time, even the highest quality paint job loses its luster, especially in a high traffic area like the bathroom. You do not have to change the color completely, especially since a drastic color change might also involve a change of bathroom fixtures, a bigger bathroom-remodeling job than you realistically have time for. However, by going a shade or two different or simply refreshing your current color scheme, you can make a dull bathroom really shine.

Change your Faucets.

Although you may not have time to change all the bathroom fixtures, new faucets are fairly easy to install. There are many different styles available today that can actually achieve a mini bathroom makeover all by themselves. Switching worn or chipped old faucets for some of the innovative and stylish options available today will alter the whole feel of the bathroom. Most home improvement stores carry a vast array of options, but you may want to consult with a licensed plumber before you begin switching things over. A flood is the last thing you need right before your company descends.

Add a Mirror.

Although you probably already have the standard mirror above the sink, adding another, especially a full length one, is one more easy way to give your bathroom a quick make over. A full-length mirror can open a small bathroom right up, giving the illusion that it is far roomier than it actually is.

Check the floor

Most bathroom floors tend to look dingy after a while, whether tiled or carpeted. Sprucing them up can be as simple as giving tiled floors a good scrub or giving the bathroom carpet a once over with a steam cleaner. If you have tiling that is cracked or chipped replacing them all right is out of the question, so a strategically placed rug is a good temporary fix, although you really should consult a professional later to have them fixed, as water damage to a bathroom floor caused by cracked tiling can eventually lead to mold.

Little Extras Make a Big Difference

Small decorative touches, such as decorative soaps or new set of towels are always a great way to inject a little extra style into any bathroom, big or small.

So there you have it, a quick bathroom remodel that you can complete in plenty of time before your guests arrive.

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Bathroom remodeling projects can be stressful! The bathroom is the most neglected room in your house as far as renovations go. But a bathroom is a room that you can get creative with. Planning a bathroom remodel can be fun and exciting. Some aspects of a bathroom would need a few different professionals like plumbing, electrical and carpentry. Hire a Professional to do all the dirty work. It will save you time, save on costs and the project will be done in a timely manner. Some things to remember to discuss with your contractor are: what is the layout, what are the exact products you want, what colors are you using? The contractor you choose will go over all of those questions with you. can match you with a local bathroom contractor in your area. contractors can also provide a free estimate for your bathroom remodeling renovations. A DIY bathroom remodel can be a huge task to take on. DIY will almost always cost more money and takes longer to complete. Do it yourself bathroom remodeling is not something most people take on, hiring a professional for a bathroom remodel is the smartest thing you can do as a homeowner. Also you can get a much more custom design when hiring a contractor to do your bathroom renovation. Updating your bathroom can uplift the style of your home and the value. Bathroom renovations are an investment to increase the value of your home. It's important to have the quality of a contractors work on a bathroom remodel.

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